As I mentioned in my profile, I create herbal medicines that address chronic and sometimes ordinary ailments like common flue. I do this by tincturing herbs and other plant material that I get to know carry elements that can alleviate the illness. For instance,in my country is a herb named Sunderlandia or commonly know as cancerbush. This herb has a big positive impact in the alleviation of the suffering of cancer patients and those that are HIV positive. I create a tincture which I infuse into tea and tonics including salves. I have found its effects to be outstanding in the improvement of the lives of its users. I’ve also tinctured propolis and mixed with cancerbush was able to improve the health of 0someone with a thyrodism problem. This same tincture was infused into a salve and used to control the unpleasant itches of eczema.

There are many other illhealth conditions that can be made better using this method though one needs to know  the plethora of herbs with their specific attributes to be able to cope. I am based in South Africa and would prefer to work with materials that emanate from here. This is because it would be easier to source them. I’d like to have a discussion group on these matters, matters of healing through herbs and other natural materials.

I am eternally greatful to the contributors on the internet on these and other matters as their inputs make the world a better place. I am especially indebted to Sanusi Credo Mutwa of South Africa, who sensitised the world to the availability of cancerbush as another way of helping sufferers of Aids and other debilitating diseases.